About INFINii Commerce


INFINii is a new e-commerce platform with more than 2,4 BILLION DOLLARS in sales in the first two years. Εstablished by the founders of DSD (Drop Ship Domination).

It teaches one how to become a successful drop shipper. It teaches you, with very simple training videos, how to sell EVERYTHING (Yeah everything) on the biggest online markets like ebay, amazon, google shopping, bonanza, facebook! AND ALL THESE WITHOUT STOCK! YES WITHOUT STOCK!

INFINii is a development of DSD, that make things easier for all people who want to become drop shippers. Much better tools and a much better and more analytical training videos, from the BEST, from the TOP drop shippers in the world, with million dollars from sales every year!

INFINii Offers Three Levels:

1)Prime costs 49,95$ per month

2)Surge costs 149,95$ per month

3)Excel costs 499,95$ per month

Each level has unique perks! And the most important …. Τhe money that each level costs are only few in front of these that provides you. It is not an exaggeration to say that you can earn the money that each level costs in only one day! Yes you can make sales and earn for example 49,95$ that costs prime level in only one day, from one sale!

INFINii also offer SPRINGBOARD Co-op ! INFINii owners buy huge amounts of products from wholsalers and they offer you to participate in this. For example if they will buy 1000 children dolls and every doll costs 5$, if you would like to buy these 1000 dolls you would need 5000$. A huge amount of money. But with Springboards INFINii owners offers you the abillity to buy only few dolls for example 1,2….5…10 at a wholsale price, for 5$ only! And then you can sell this doll on ebay, amazon, bonanza, google shopping, facebook with 50%,150% or more profit!The INFINii Springboard Co-op is available for all membership levels. Different membership levels allows for different perks to the Co-op. It is important to know that the higher levels (Surge and Excel) allows access to more profitable Co-ops.

Along with this amazing Springboard opportunity, Infinii offers those who are interested in marketing and becoming an affiliate of Infinii one of the most profitable and unique compensation plans available!

You can see INFINii Compensation Plan Videos Here !

INFINii is by far the best e-commerce platform out there and for people that are interested only for affiliate marketing, offers the best Compensation Plan out there!

Don’t lose your time! Thousands people WORLDWIDE (you can be an INFINii member from everywhere in the world, from every country) earn million dollars every day!




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